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We educate people with business-oriented AI and data management concepts, with their typical problems and solutions.

Today we need not only to team-up with people but also machines to benefit the most out of both human and machine capabilities solving sophisticated business challenges, together! 

Machines enable us to have a better understanding of larger amounts of data and to grasp trends which are important for business navigation. 

Within Avrogan education offering, we provide different packages of education aiming for increasing awareness about how new technologies that are generally referred to AI can operationally help your organization in various data processing activities without becoming a black box for the users. The aim of such education is to prepare your organization to take higher responsibilities in driving smarter processes having the assistance of machines wherever it is possible.


With the support of our business, data science, and IT consultants we help your organization to perform analytical processes required for your commercial excellence. 
We believe every business is data business. Having that in mind, we provide full data management and analytical services to help your organization to maximize the benefit it can get from data utilization in its digitization journey. In this journey, we join your team to (re)structure the processes and frameworks to make your business operations fit for digital transformation.
We look at strategy, people and processes to identify and specify the right solutions, tools and analytical capacities your organization requires going to the next step within its excellence journey.

Servitization consulting services - Avrogan
Avrogan solution development and


We help your organization to implement the best available practices in software solutions, based on AI within different functions.
We offer our own cloud-based solutions in automated repricing, marketing solutions, public relations, data security, and user identification if they would be applicable for you. On the other hand, we create a development or procurement specification with your team to acquire the best practice solution.

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