Avrogan provides five categories of consulting services through which enables your business to set the strategic plan for transformation, successfully execute the transformation, and acquire enabling technologies for sustainable transformation.

Transformation for commercial advantage happens in three steps:

1. Strategy

Defining business strategy and transformation roadmap as well as defining business goals and new business models

Transformation roadmap

2. Execution

Achieving business objectives through operational execution

3. Digital Enablement

Use technology transformation as an enabler and facilitator for business execution

Organization, Processes, Governance, Go to Market

ERP               IoT             AI/ML         Data         Analytics   Robotics        CRM




Assessing organizational readiness and setting the strategic vision


Transform the business model to grow with servitization and recurring revenue models 


Maximize margin and revenue realization using right pricing methodology and governance processes


Decision support services by having access to group of data scientists, pricing specialists and business minded professionals


Technology solution procurement or development support for the full journey


Business Brainstorming

Service-product design transformation​

  • Value creation - Value delivery - Value capturing

  • Service design and packaging​

  • Business models

  • Pricing models

  • Change management

  • KPI and incentive management


Digital transformation​​

  • IT and digital landscape​

  • AI strategy for executives

  • Data management and monetization

Bar Chart

Pricing and profitability excellence

  • Value-based pricing for service-products​

  • Price optimization for spare parts

  • Price optimization for service contracts

  • Service contract management

  • Cross-border trading risk

  • Market research and go-to-market strategy

Every transformation starts with creating a clear vision of the future state and a clear understanding of today's status. Maturity and diagnostics studies are helping to create a maturity roadmap based on strategic goals.

Together with the assessment, on-demand educational workshops are creating the organizational alignment for transformation and long-lasting commercial



Equipment and machinery producers gain an average minimum revenue of 5x the equipment value when it comes to servitization throughout the length of the contract. However, success with servitization and outcome-based service contracts demand new business models to fully realize the benefits.

We help your organization to successfully launch new models of business based on servitization and subscription mindsets, creating everlasting customer value perception, as well as the implementation of effective change management to facilitate the new business model stabilization.

Business Model transformation happens in three stages:

The Wall of Ideas

Value Creation

  • Customer-centric service design

  • Product-service development

  • Market understanding

  • Go-to-market strategy

  • Internal change management

Hotline Consultant

Value Delivery

  • Digital delivery & sales enablement

  • Capacity management

  • Product-service availability

  • Effective delivery process

  • SLA and KPI management

  • Partner relation management

  • Change management

Analysing Data

Value Capture

  • Long-term customer engagement

  • Managing utilization rate

  • Value-based pricing

  • Risk management

  • Salesforce development

  • Digital sales support tools

  • Change management



Pricing is the most powerful lever to sustainably boost profitability. To gain higher pricing power, pricing strategy should reflect the value perceived by the customer while it is also aligned with the market position you pursue strategically.

With more than 50 years of combined experience in the implementation of value-based and market-based pricing for industrial companies, the Avrogan team helps your business set the right prices to capture the desired value. Our methodology covers all aspects of list pricing, net pricing, and revenue management when it comes to product, spares, service contracts, and subscription businesses. 

Signing a Contract

Value Based Pricing

  • Customer value perception

  • Product pricing optimization

  • Spare parts pricing

  • Service contract pricing

  • Subscription pricing

  • Online (D2C) pricing

Business Meeting

Market Intelligence

  • Market economic landscape

  • Market positioning

  • Market research

  • Competition research


Risk and Compliance

  • Cross-border trading risk management

  • Global price optimization

  • Bottom-line realization

  • Change management


At Avrogan we provide our cross-functional team of business consultants, data scientists, and pricing analysts to stand beside your team to solve industrial and business problems making sure you always have access to the right knowledge mix and you receive the answers to business challenges at the right time.

Access to the teams are provided through subscription, and the offering is offered in the following two models: 

Team Meeting

Pricing Specialist as a Service (PSaaS)

  • Data-driven approach to pricing decisions

  • Revenue and profitability analytics

  • Track and update comparative pricing data

  • Continues cross border trading risk assessment

  • On-demand margin & pricing analysis

  • Top-line and bottom-line  optimization

  • Business case calculation

  • Campaign development and result analysis

  • Analytical dashboards and management reporting

Data Scientist as a Service


  • Data-driven approach to complex business challenges

  • End to end data science, BI, and BA services on demand

    • Problem formulation

    • Data preparation

    • Analytics

    • Decision support implications

    • Business case creation

  • Input for ML algorithm design​



Having long experience in system solution implementation, we support the end to end process of right system solution procurement or development. This process includes: need assessment, understanding of your business and IT landscapes, solution definition, and RFQ/RFP processes, as well as proper project management and adaptations when it comes to the implementation of the solution. 

Computer Programming

Solution procurement & development

  • Service contract management

  • Pricing software solution

  • Preventive maintenance and uptime management

  • Market screening tools

  • Analytical tools

  • On-demand ML algorithms

  • Procurement support (RFQ/RFP)


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