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Avrogan and BlueprintAMS join forces

In today’s complex market dynamics, full of uncertainties and rapidly changing technologies, it’s always better to go through the journey together. That is what we, at Avrogan, believe in!

We are proud to announce Avrogan AB, a Nordic based consultancy firm with roots in manufacturing aftermarket profitability and pricing excellence that helps businesses to achieve commercial advantage by going through an operational servitization journey, and the BlueprintAMS, a platform for maximizing aftermarket business revenue by transitioning to Performance Based Service Agreements, have now joined forces.

The two companies are aligned in their core values and beliefs. Avrogan believes the era of product ownership has ended, and today's competitive businesses are those who can benefit the most from disruptive service offerings empowered by digital technologies capable of creating long-lasting value to their customers. BlueprintAMS believes ‘selling’ is the wrong way to look at revenue generation, and it should be all about ‘buying’. Ease of purchase is one of the top priorities of industrial buyers and therefore businesses should change their focus to become easier to ‘buy’ from. We believe Servitization is the way to achieve that importance.

“Our partnership with BlueprintAMS now enables us to provide a full scope, turn-key solution for our clients, from business consulting and operational change management to fully integrated solution for operational servitization and service agreement management.”, said Hamed Hakimian, CEO of Avrogan.

“Our partnership with Avrogan gives the Scandinavian market access to a practical tool to be able to safely transition to servitization with the right balance between risk and value. Myself and the team at BlueprintAMS are looking forward to working with Avrogan and businesses interested in becoming easier to buy from”, said Kevin Geraghty, CEO of BlueprintAMS

Make Servitization a Reality Today

The transition from "build and sell" to a servitization pricing model is a goal that many organizations aspire to. Achieving this before the competition and managing risk is a challenge. Avrogan’s specialists will work with you to understand where you are on the journey and provide practical and pragmatic solutions that deliver results fast.

For more information on servitization and on how Avrogan can help your business to achieve commercial advantage by going through an operational servitization journey, contact us today at info@avrogan.com

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