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Avrogan was founded in late 2019 by Hamed Hakimian and Arsham Mazaheri, two long-lasting friends and colleagues, who are experienced consultant leaders with a track record in service management and aftermarket business. They both have experience in serving various sizes of OEM and industrial manufacturers regarding their aftermarket and spare part pricing as well as supporting them with the design, development, and implementation of the analytical tools used for their business management and SaaS solutions for their aftermarket business.


After working with several of the largest companies in Europe, North America, and the Far East in their previous roles and seeing the needs of the businesses for guidance through the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), which made the circular economy an inevitable future, Hamed and Arsham decided to take the steps.
The need was clear, the expertise was in place, the desire to help the clients was in their veins, and on top of that, they both wanted to create a fun working place where both clients and employees enjoy supporting each other for their challenges, while not forgetting the main purpose of the life, which is to live!


Avrogan became fully operational right from the beginning of 2020 with the head office in Stockholm, Sweden. Despite the challenges of the time (global pandemic!), Avrogan grew quite fast all over Europe and North America through the networks of its senior partners. Avrogan is serving some of industry leading OEMs in these continents with top satisfaction rate.



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Co-Founder & CEO

Hamed Hakimian is a seasoned pricing specialist, with 10+ years of experience in spare parts and service pricing in the aftermarket business. Throughout his career, Hamed has helped many of the Fortune 500 companies with their pricing challenges and aftermarket business with 30+ pricing optimization and pricing solution implementation projects. He has trained many pricing managers in various manufacturing companies; and has been invited as speaker in multiple respected conferences and seminars on aftermarket business growth within Europe. Before co-founding Avrogan, Hamed had experience managing various teams of mix pricing consultants and analysts as well as pricing solution implementors at his previous roles and employments.

Hamed has industrial engineering background and has a M.Sc. in industrial engineering and management from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. Additionally, he has studied logistics and supply chain management and he is a Six Sigma black belt certified.


Co-Founder & COO

Arsham Mazaheri is a data scientist by background, with 10+ years of industrial and managerial experience in various disciplines. Throughout his career, Arsham has helped many of the Fortune 500 companies with their data and requirement challenges and has been involved in many IT solution implementation projects.

Before co-founding Avrogan, in addition to data science and business consulting experience, Arsham also had experience leading various teams of back- and frontend developers providing SaaS solution supports for different manufacturing companies.

Arsham has both mechanical and industrial engineering backgrounds and has a D.Sc. in Risk Management from Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland. He is a certified change and problem manager (CCM & CPCM) and holds an MBA in shipping and logistics.

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Our Mission

We are operational consultants, supporting our industrial clients to capitalize on transition to service-driven business models to achieve long-term and sustainable commercial advantage.


Our Vision

We believe the era of product ownership is ending. We enable industrial OEMs with the new Servitization business models supporting their customer orientation and sustainable growth.

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