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We provide our cross-functional team of business consultants, data scientists, and pricing analysts to stand beside your team to solve industrial and business problems, making sure you always have access to the right knowledge mix, and you receive the answers to business challenges at the right time.

Provided as a monthly subscription offering, Avrogan PSaaS gives the complete end-to-end capabilities for the most common pricing issues in organizations.


• No clear owner of pricing processes,
governance and compliance

• Price complexity

• Lack of framework and process
• Unstructured monthly, quarterly or yearly pricing decisions and rules

• Immature data structure
• Inconsistent or inaccurate data
• Resources not available for data
crunching, KPls trend analysis and
action plan setting

• Missing gradually the visibility of
optimum price point for recurring
sales of goods or services

• Lack of knowledge- and best practices transfer

• Difference between tactical

pricing and strategic pricing

• Difference between product, services and SaaS

C-level vision and strategic
pricing awareness

• Lack of management ownership
and cohesion

• Dealing with markets and

• Lack of technology, available to support pricing processes

• Imprecise pricing performance monitoring
• Lack of total end-to-end integration to

enterprise business solutions (CRM, CPQ, ERP)

• Price-Skimming and Market Penetration Pricing

• Cannibalization avoidance

• Value quantification of new products and services



Get support on daily pricing tasks and challenges (clerical workload)

Easy and rapid scale up & down to the pricing team to cope with the peak loads

Realize higher and faster ROI on pricing excellence initiatives

Create the right alignment and momentum across stakeholders for pricing improvement engagements 

Lower the Costs of Operation for pricing function:

Only pay for the value you need at each period

Save on recruitment and on-boarding costs

Eliminate the risk of incompetency, No surprises!

Standard required IT solutions included - No extra investment on Information Technology infrastructure (Web-Crawling tools, Price Optimization software, Data Management tools, Business Analytical tools)

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