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Together we support businesses all around the globe to transform their value creation, value delivery, and value capturing models to sustainably boost their profitability and commercial advantage.

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We warmly welcome you, the talented and experienced self-employed freelance consultant in our domains, to our team of senior partners. This way, together with you as an Avrogan Senior Partner we are looking not only to strengthen our wealth of competence, experience, and availability for providing high-quality value delivery to our clients but also to expand our market reach. So, if you are looking for challenges, in which you are rewarded with the right experience, stretched domain knowledge, fun teamwork, and a rich professional network, then Avrogan Senior Partnership is for you. 

In Avrogan, we believe in sharing and transparency with our partners and clients. We are committed to high-quality delivery of our promises, but at the same time, we never forget to have fun while fulfilling our promises to the last word. Avrogan Senior Partnership is for you, who want to focus on the right endeavor that fits your experience and professional network, but without the hassle of unnecessary administration works. 

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We work with different industries and in different domains. We always provide individual approaches to our clients.

Servitization & Service Strategy

Transforming from a product-centric to a service-driven business model

IoT & Connectivity

Exploiting the full potential of digitalization

Service Contract & Spare Part Pricing

Improving pricing methodologies and top & bottom line optimization with value-based pricing

Data Analytics & Insights

Providing enriched basis for decision making

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