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Go-To Market Success with Integrated Pricing and Service Design

Updated: Aug 3, 2023


#DigitalTransformation is revolutionizing industries worldwide, offering unprecedented opportunities for businesses to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as cloud software, edge computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. As these technologies converge, they challenge traditional product and #service strategies, paving the way for a new era defined by smart, connected products and seamlessly integrated services. However, many organizations are still hesitant to embrace this digital wave, held back by a skill gap in offering design and management.

Our partner, The Service Design Group, recently published a whitepaper exploring the phenomenon of #DigitalHesitation and outlined a comprehensive framework for #IntegratingDesign and #PricingStrategies to capitalize on the transformative potential of digital technologies. The whitepaper delves into the root causes of digital hesitation and highlights the importance of addressing the skill gap in offering design and management. It discusses how adopting a combined approach and implementing an integrated design and pricing program can drive rapid #innovation, reduce the time to launch, and mitigate risks associated with digital transformation. Furthermore, it examines the emergence of new business models, such as anything-as-a-service (#XaaS or #EaaS), and their role in shaping the future of product and service strategies.



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