Avrogan provides After Market Servitization as its featured software solution, enabling the complete journey towards servitization and outcome-based service contract management

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Safely Transit to Servitization

After Market Servitization is a software solution for scoping, analyzing, configuring, costing, aftermarket pricing, approving, selling, and amending solution-sets employed in

B2B aftermarket servitization-based agreements

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B2B multi-year agreements are made easy through our 3 step process

1- Build your solution set

  • Quickly capture your Product Based Service Catalog

  • Use our powerful BOM to create the Service-Relevant product features

  • Define the details of the function

  • Define the relevant processes (eg: break/fixes, inspection, replacement, etc) 

  • Add the corresponding service levels you wish to assess and offer

  • Easily maintain your service and product catalog

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2- Validate the business case

  • Define cost parameters for each process

  • Set the external risk parameters

  • Run simulations over different periods

  • Create the business case around your parameters, solution sets, and pricing rule

  • Verify the forecasted costs and revenues

  • Fine-tune and validate the business case for each solution set and product 

3- Sell with proper guidance

  • Instantly make the solutions sets available to your sales teams

  • Validate customer and locations against weighted risk factors

  • Tailor the service agreement with pre-agreed solution sets

  • Close deals faster with the pre-approved business case and solution sets

  • No need for lengthy and time-consuming approval stages for each deal

  • Apply local adaptations while having the central structure and support

  • Enhance the productivity of your sales teams, sell more, with more

  • confidence about profitability

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Enabled by After Market Servitization, we provide a clear roadmap and the tools necessary for traditional B2B transaction-based organizations on their journey to secure long term recurring revenues and commercial advantage with servitization-based agreements.

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