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Avrogan focuses on servitization business transformation powered by digitalization and connectivity, to create sustainable commercial advantage. Our team at Avrogan helps you to create a smarter business, no matter what organizational size you have.


The aim is to operationally create a service-driven business model that creates, delivers, and captures the value that is truly appreciated by your customers and your stakeholders. Moreover, we make sure your organization is empowered by data analytics, modern digital solutions, and powerful pricing and revenue management models for commercial advantage.

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Today's competitive businesses are those who can benefit the most from disruptive service offerings empowered by digital technologies capable of creating long-lasting value for their customers.

>90% value

in B2B business is after initial sales

value achieved by service contracts 

>5x asset

gross profit improvement

5% to 15%


We help OEMs to achieve commercial advantage by going through an operational servitization journey. In this journey, we make sure people are empowered and equipped with the right knowledge, solutions and processes are designed for success, and the organization is equipped with the right technology.
Maturity Studies, consulting services in business modeling, service & subscription packaging, and data monetization, as well as the software solution that we offer, will pave the way for sustainable commercial advantage and boost in revenue growth.

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At Avrogan we provide management consulting services to help OEMs to go through an actionable servitization and digitalization journey to become a smarter and commercially competent business.

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Avrogan consulting

Our operational management consultants help your business to go through the change needed for the successful implementation of service-driven business models.

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Avrogan education

We help you to increase your organization's awareness about servitization & subscription business models, enabling digital technologies, and critical pricing and revenue management models.

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Avrogan technology

Our specialists support your organization to acquire the right digital capabilities, enabling your processes in achieving strategic commercial goals.

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The next industrial revolution is powered by manufacturing. This time it is all about connected tools, smart machines, augmented reality, data access, servitization and service-oriented business models.


Avrogan Service Excellence™ solution provides the end-to-end capability in designing, pricing, risk management, sales, and monitoring multi-year service contracts and servitization-based contracts.

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Walking the Talk: Strategic Partnership of Avrogan and The Service Design Group

We believe in today’s market situation with such uncertain and rapidly changing dynamics, it is always wiser to embark on a journey together. This is what we at Avrogan believe in, and exactly what we are offering to our clients: a partnership!

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