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Walking the Talk

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

We believe in today’s market situation with such uncertain and rapidly changing dynamics, it is always wiser to embark on a journey together. This is what we at Avrogan believe in, and exactly what we are offering to our clients: a partnership!


Avrogan and The Service Design Group have established a strategic partnership to serve our clients across the full spectrum of the value chain with regard to their service businesses. Avrogan is a Swedish-based consultancy firm with roots in aftermarket and pricing excellence, helping businesses all over Europe and North America to achieve a commercial advantage by going through an operational servitization journey. The Service Design Group is a business model and service design consultancy based in the U.S.A.

The two companies are aligned in their core values and beliefs and walk the talk of value creation for their clients. Avrogan believes the era of product ownership is ending, and today's competitive businesses are those who can benefit the most from disruptive service offerings empowered by digital technologies capable of creating long-lasting value for their customers. In a similar vein, The Service Design Group believes today's market winners are those firms that can successfully create outcome-based service offerings and realize premium price, customer intimacy, solution stickiness, recurring revenue, and superior enterprise value.

In this journey, Avrogan focuses on monetization excellence and pricing models supporting the sustainable boost in profitability for the service and aftermarket business of B2B OEMs. This is gained through Avrogan consultancy services and Avrogan’s Service Excellence™ software solution, which enables OEMs to define, price, simulate, sell, and monitor profitable service contracts. This includes everything from standard services to outcome-based service contracts, data monetization, and Equipment as a Service (EaaS) offerings.

In a like manner, The Service Design Group focuses on the business model and service innovation to help B2B companies successfully ideate, design, test, launch, and continuously improve service-based offerings. This is achieved via The Service Design Group's Service Path™ platform, consulting, and training services.

"This strategic partnership with Avrogan brings their world-class capabilities in service monetization, pricing, and contract management together with our excellence in service and business model design, ideation, and innovation," says Patrick McGowan, the CEO of The Service Design Group.

Further, Hamed Hakimian, the CEO of Avrogan, highlights, “With our strategic partnership with The Service Design Group, we not only get closer to our customers in a wider geographical scope but also complement our offerings and expertise.”



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