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Revolutionizing Service & Maintenance Contract Management: A Personal Journey to Efficiency and Growth

Where should we start when examining our service and maintenance contracts? This question often leads us down a path filled with complexities and challenges that many of us have faced. Have you ever felt lost trying to identify potential new customers for your maintenance contracts? I know I have, especially during my previous employment, where the process of gathering all the necessary information to price a contract felt like navigating through a dense fog.

In those days, I meticulously compiled costs for a mechanic, SKUs from the main supplier, and SKUs from alternate suppliers for various hydraulic attachments that the primary supplier couldn't provide. Not to mention, the fluctuating mileage costs depending on the customer's location throughout the country were a puzzle on their own. The sheer volume of data, scattered across multiple spreadsheets and emails, was overwhelming. Tracking down the latest information often felt like a treasure hunt without a map, leading to inefficiencies and, at times, costly errors.


After piecing together this puzzle, my focus shifted to understanding our customers more deeply. Where do they operate? What machines and attachments are integral to their operations? How frequently do their machines run each month? What type of contract are they currently under, and is it truly serving their needs? These questions were crucial for tailoring our services to precisely fit their requirements. Yet, without a centralized system, aggregating this customer-specific information was time-consuming. I recall instances where outdated data led to proposals that missed the mark, frustrating both potential clients and our team.

Imagine, during this complex process, receiving a call from your manager asking for some statistics for a board meeting about contracts in the northern region. There I was, opening my Excel files to start piecing together the necessary data, partly manually, a process filled with the potential for errors and inefficiencies. Compiling these statistics wasn't just tedious; it was fraught with the risk of presenting outdated or incorrect data to the board. The pressure to deliver accurate information quickly was immense, and the manual process left too much room for human error.

So, after all this, you're finally ready to reach out to your customer to discuss current and potential new contracts, right? Ideally, yes. But reflecting on my previous journey, how many hours have you invested in administrative tasks that haven't directly contributed to securing new contracts? The inefficiency was not just a personal frustration; it represented a significant cost to the business in terms of wasted time and missed opportunities.


This brings me to the transformative power of Avrogan Service Excellence™ (ASE). Imagine a solution that streamlines the entire process, from the initial gathering of information to the final stages of customer engagement. With ASE and the help of its API, we can combine and collect all the necessary data in one place, eliminating the need to navigate through different portals, send emails, and make endless calls. Consolidating the data in one platform provides you with a singular tool to calculate your contract with all the relevant parameters. And when it's time to engage with your customer, the ASE Monitor™ offers a comprehensive overview of their operations. Where do they work? What types of machines do they use? Do they have the right type of contract for their operations, or can we offer them something better?

The Avrogan Service Excellence™ (ASE) suite, with its ASE Configure&Price™, ASE Quote™, and ASE Monitor™ modules, revolutionizes your approach to service and maintenance contract management. ASE Configure&Price™ allows you to tailor your offerings with precision, considering the myriad of factors that impact pricing and contract conditions. The ASE Quote™ module simplifies the proposal process, enabling swift and accurate communication with your customers. And with ASE Monitor™, you gain invaluable insights into contract performance and customer usage patterns, allowing you to proactively manage and renew contracts, ensuring they always meet the evolving needs of our clients. And of course, your manager will have his own dashboard view to prepare for the board meeting without the need to bother you! And even if you still need to provide the statistics for him/her, that’s no headache! All you need is at your fingertips with ASE Monitor™ capabilities.


By integrating ASE into your workflow, you can shift your focus away from many tedious administrative tasks and towards what truly matters—building and maintaining robust relationships with your customers. With ASE, I am confident you can minimize the time spent on administration and maximize your efforts on securing and renewing maintenance contracts, driving your business forward in a competitive landscape.



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