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Avrogan extends its operations to North America

Updated: Aug 3, 2023


Despite 2020 was a tough year, Avrogan has expanded its operations and presence in Europe, now being present in Germany and France in addition to the Nordics where our headquarters is located. Starting 2021, we are happy to announce that we are extending our presence to North America. Ron Giuntini is joining Avrogan as Senior Partner in the USA, located in New Castle, New Hampshire.

Ron has over 40 years of experience in the lifecycle management of commercial machines. He was responsible for the global Aftermarket business unit for an aerospace OEM, where he was involved in repair/overhaul facilities, parts sales, technical support, warranty management, multi-year service contracts, product improvements, and much more. Ron has also held manufacturing leadership roles as well as being an independent management consultant for various OEMs.

He is considered an industry expert on the commercial equipment aftermarket; engaged by PEs for acquisitions, engaged by law firms for arbitration cases, taught at the undergraduate and graduate university level, published extensively in trade, professional, academic and general media, presented workshops on/off site for many OEMs and has spoken at various of global conferences.

He is currently focused on providing decision-support tools to OEMs to configure, price, and land/amend/renew fixed-fee multi-year performance-assured agreements delivering a portfolio of services engaged in maintaining, restoring, and modifying the capabilities, operability, valuation, and employability of commercial equipment.


Together with Ron, we at Avrogan not only expand our geographical reach but also expand our mix of expertise in line with our mission to serve our industries gaining sustainable commercial advantage through servitization.



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