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Robotic Tech Company Selects Avrogan's PSaaS for Pricing Optimization

Updated: Aug 3, 2023


Avrogan is pleased to announce that it has been chosen by one of the most innovative manufacturers of robotic technologies to support their efforts to draw the blueprint for their new business model monetization design.

“Avrogan team’s extensive experience in product and service pricing is the key success factor in this collaboration”, says Hamed Hakimian, the CEO of Avrogan. “This will not only bring commercial excellence to our client but also will empower them to explore new business areas with – as a Service – business model and data monetization platform; creating new avenues to serve the market and generate sustainable recurring revenue growth.”

That is why the Avrogan team with long experience in the manufacturing industry in terms of product, aftermarket, and service pricing as well as business and monetization modeling, was a natural choice to join forces with for this journey. Through our Pricing Specialist as a Service (PSaaS) offering, we guarantee access to the right team of our business modeling and pricing experts, standing side by side with our clients throughout this journey.

Avrogan’s operational consultants support our industrial clients to achieve a long-term and sustainable commercial advantage through service excellence. This is achieved by service business transformation towards profitable, capable, and customer-oriented offerings; empowered by an advanced business model, pricing methodology, and monetization structure; and enabled by appropriate technology solutions.



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