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Global Truck Manufacturer Enhances Pricing with Avrogan

Updated: Aug 3, 2023


Avrogan is pleased to announce that it has been chosen by one of the leading global truck manufacturing companies to improve its pricing approach for its global aftermarket and spare part businesses and for a range of different markets.

"We at Avrogan are very proud to be chosen by one of the world's most prestigious companies in the automotive industry to support them in improving their aftermarket pricing. This will bring clarity into their pricing approach, which itself will improve the trust and relation with their customers.”, says Hamed Hakimian, the CEO of Avrogan. "Automotive industry is a highly competitive market. Hence, it is extremely important for the players of the market to have a clear and healthy pricing policies, not only to improve revenue and profitability, but also to maintain the trust of their customers. That is why the Avrogan team with long experience in the manufacturing industry in terms of product, aftermarket, and service pricing as well as business modeling and service contract and revenue management, was a natural choice to join forces with for this project.”


We at Avrogan provide operational consulting expertise for our clients to make sure business strategies are implemented in a harmonized and healthy way to facilitate their journeys towards sustainable commercial advantage.



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