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Revolutionizing Service Contracts Management: An Epiphany Over Breakfast in Stockholm

Updated: Oct 12, 2023


Last week, an old friend and former coworker visited our Stockholm office on a pleasant morning. We reconnected over a lavish spread of Swedish treats, reliving shared memories and talking about our professional paths. We enjoyed our breakfast as my friend told us a story that both revealed and validated the course we've taken at Avrogan.

He has been working tirelessly in his current position to simplify service contract management for his clients in the retail and service industries. His account was infused with a strong sense of resentment for the Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) tools that currently dominate the market. He emphasized how these tools, which were primarily created with manufacturers in mind, place a lot of emphasis on concrete, physical assets. His growing frustration stemmed from these CPQ tools' inherent inflexibility to accommodate intangible assets—like human resources—that are the lifeblood of the retail and service industries.

His analogy vividly painted the picture of these tools as rigid molds, forcing everything into a rigid product-oriented structure. They seemed to be looking through a one-dimensional lens, disregarding the rich tapestry of non-manufacturer service contracts. His clients became more and more in need of a solution that recognized the variety of their assets and repositioned the services as the core of their operations rather than merely add-ons.

Listening to his genuine concerns triggered a quiet smile on my face. It was an uncanny moment of synchronicity as his struggles resonated with the mission that drives us at Avrogan. This brought me to introduce him to our revolutionary software solution – Avrogan Service Excellence™ (ASE) – an enterprise end-to-end Service Contract Management solution designed to tackle these challenges head-on.

Unlike traditional CPQ tools, ASE adopts a service-centric perspective. We acknowledge that many modern businesses' core operations frequently revolve around their services rather than being mere add-ons. This paradigm shift enables ASE to manage a wide range of assets—both physical and non-physical—with a degree of flexibility and effectiveness that is largely missing in the current market. ASE's adaptability has been transformative for our OEM clients, facilitating the management of a wide variety of service contracts, from traditional repair and maintenance services to highly advanced, complex outcome-based, and performance-based services. The real strength of ASE, however, lies in its natural expansion out of the manufacturing industry into the realms of retail and other non-product service providers.

ASE equips businesses with the capacity to configure services using a diverse array of components in an agreement, not just physical products. It enables flexible pricing of these services based on an extensive range of parameters, and effective real-time monitoring of the service implementation. ASE also empowers businesses to stay vigilant for signs of unhealthy margins or any other indicators that might demand attention, throughout the life cycle of the service contract. Essentially, Avrogan Service Excellence™ is a multi-dimensional solution designed to accommodate the unique requirements of varied industries and business models.

The atmosphere changed from a recounting of pain points to an interactive brainstorming session of limitless possibilities as we dug deeper into ASE's capabilities. Initially cautious, my friend gradually started to see the potential and started asking a lot of questions to my colleagues and me. He was clearly excited about the potential of a solution like that, one that could greatly streamline his work.

That morning's breakfast chat evolved into more than just a trip down memory lane; it transformed into an engaging exchange of ideas and solutions. It served as a potent reminder that real innovation comes from recognizing and resolving everyday problems. At Avrogan, we're committed to converting these innovative ideas into solutions that empower businesses, be they manufacturing behemoths, bustling retail outlets, or agile service providers.

From the heart of Stockholm, we are paving the way for a brand-new era of service contracts management — one breakthrough at a time! By focusing on the versatility of services and their inherent value in modern businesses, Avrogan Service Excellence™ redefines the landscape of service contract management.


We at Avrogan are on a mission to turn the struggles of yesterday into the strengths of today and tomorrow. We aim to enable businesses, regardless of their industry, to leverage service contracts more effectively and profitably. Through ASE, we're bringing a fresh, service-centric perspective to businesses worldwide.

Our breakfast chat in Stockholm is just the beginning. As we continue to work, innovate, and grow, we look forward to many more such enlightening exchanges with industry experts, professionals, and clients. Together, we can redefine service contracts management and drive service excellence across industries.



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